Drop shipping in 2019 – is it still profitable?

drop shipping 2

When I was looking to start my first online business a couple of years ago, I stumbled upon FBA selling and drop shipping. I remember asking myself back then: So many articles have been written on FBA and dropshipping, is this thing still profitable ?

Fast forward to 2019 and people new to this business still ask the same question. It is an intriguing business for sure, so let’s try to settle this question once and for all with some hardcore numbers.

Is drop shipping really profitable?

I launched BestPriceWinner to answer this same question. I created a program that goes through Amazon best selling products and finds their equivalent, but cheaper, on wholesale suppliers. The idea is simple to state, but a bit harder to do. It took some time to rationalize the data and go through it but the result is unmistakable:

Every day, my program finds hundreds of new products to flip for a profit on Amazon.

Not convinced? Check out the list yourself. Here is an example:

A net margin of $21.48 (accounting for Amazon fees) per item is a pretty decent result! Multiply that by 100 and you’ve got yourself a starting salary. So yes, you can find profitable items to flip in 2019. You just need the right tools.

BestPriceWinner currently has a database of close to 10 000 products eligible for drop shipping. A little less than half of them have a net margin over $9, and that’s not factoring in your power of negotiation with the wholesale supplier. A net margin of $9 may not seem much, but multiply it by a 100, 500 or 1000 items and your jaw begins to slowly drop.

That’s the power of FBA in the end, the possibility to scale up to dizzying number piling up profit along the way.

We take the huge toll of finding the right products to drop ship out of your shoulder which lets you concentrate on the second most important part of drop shipping: Product marketing: Finding the right keywords, putting a nice description, picture, customizing the package to for your audience, etc.

I believe this to be the biggest challenge in 2019 for drop shipping and Amazon FBA.